3.7 Full: Developers or Media users?

Dean_Swan at Mitel.COM Dean_Swan at Mitel.COM
Tue May 25 21:48:41 UTC 2004

Doug Way wrote:

> To address Dean's point, the future Full images should have (at a 
> minimum) all of the major functionality of previous images such as 
> Squeak3.2-4956, etc.  The only exception I can think of are things that 
> we specifically decide are obsolete and then remove, such as PWS.

And I think things like this are fine.  I also don't mind if there is
more than the minimum.  I only posted this comment because the current
"3.7 Full Assembler" on SM seems to change the default project,
removing things like the readme and welcome windows and the Worlds of
Squeak project.

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