[ANN] Chuck type inferencer

Romain Robbes rrobbes at info.unicaen.fr
Thu May 27 06:43:53 UTC 2004

Hi Lex,

This sounds really neat !

> If you want to play with the inferencer, you need to grab Squeak 3.7 (I
> am at update 5707), install the Refactoring Browser, and then install
> the Chuck package from SqueakMap.  From there, you can run and read 
> some
> test cases.  For serious day to day use, you then need to turn on
> AutoChuck, which is a preference in the "browsing" area of the
> preferences browser.  This will spend 10-60 minutes filling up your
> image with 75 megabytes or so of lookup tables; after that, it should 
> be
> invisible to your normal activities, and the refactoring browser will
> have two new menu items available:

I have just a suggestion : could this AutoChuck feature be turned
on only on certain packages, such as Kernel and not Morphic for example 
This could spare some time and quit a bit of space ...

By the way is there an interface to fill and consult the lookup tables 
externally ?
A while ago I started (I mean, played 3 hours ;-)) a little program to 
store type
information which could then be used by several tools, such as a type 
an the toy I was doing, which was collecting run-time types, so they
could "collaborate". This could then be used by a code completion 
or various navigation systems (how about clicking on a variable and 
automagically teleported to it's class ?).


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