[ANN] Euro2004 betting game!

goran.krampe at bluefish.se goran.krampe at bluefish.se
Thu May 27 14:36:13 UTC 2004

Hi people!

Exactly 2 years ago, in a country far, far away (Sweden, well it's far
from most people on this list) a little web app saw the light of day. It
was a little betting site for World Cup 2002 which was hacked together
in a 30-hour-frenzy using Squeak3.2/Comanche/HttpView, more or less as a
result of a dare. :)

And no, World Cup is NOT cricket, hockey, basketball or (shudder)
american football. We are talking about Soccer darnit! :) That little
betting site managed to get 153 users - including some Squeakers from
Argentina! Everything for free of course, it's just for fun.

And now, today - 2 years later *on the day* - we bring you Euro2004


- First you register an account: Username, password, verify password,
companyname/teamname - if your company/team is not in the dropdownlist
then type one in.

- Then you click on "My Euro2004 betting" and start betting! Also ready
the "guide" with short but important information. Also don't forget to
edit "settings" and enter your name and email.

- Visit http://em-tips.bluefish.se/eng daily to see what games are on
for today/tomorrow and see the current scorelist! You can filter on your
company name. And you can bookmark it with your filter.

- When a game is being played you can even enter chat-remarks by
clicking on the game!

Oh, and btw - Sweden will be very strong this year, Zlatan rocks!

regards, Göran & Jonas at Bluefish

PS. There will not be any prizes, it's not legal in Sweden. Sigh.

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