[BUG] Pathological LargePositiveInteger instance discovered in the wild ( fix/workaround provided )

Stephan Rudlof sr at evolgo.de
Fri May 28 03:16:36 UTC 2004


Tim Rowledge wrote:
> lewis at mail.msen.com wrote:
>>Thanks for following up on this. I have also posted a fix in a separate
>>thread with subject "[BUG][FIX] Integer>>printOn:base: fix prevents VM
>>crash". For most people this should prevent the problem from occurring
>>in practice, but it would be great if you can put the extra check into
>>the plugin also.

> Seconded - and the sooner the better since we're close to a release

How close?

> and
> it would be nice to close the issue by then. All you need to do is give
> up sleep for a while....

But I have to now ;-)
And then I have to come into touch with compiling plugins again...

You could help me somewhat:
I have just installed the newest VMMaker from SqueakMap: does the actual
version work well?
Is it best to use VMMaker with the sources from SF? I remember a trial
to come away from SF...
So: is SF the right place just now?


> tim
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