Clicks in audio recordings of standard image

Brad Fuller brad at
Fri May 28 04:01:27 UTC 2004

Hi All,

I'm starting to explore the sound classes in Squeak (latest beta). I've
noticed clicks when playing back the audio that was recorded using the
supplied class SoundRecorder.  I have not saved this sound to a file to look
at it (to make sure that the clicks are not introduced in playback) but I
thought I'd ask some questions anyway.

First, has anyone else noticed this? (Note that I know it's not my hardware
as I've used this with many professional audio software apps with no
problems like this.)

Secondly, if indeed these are introduced during recording, could another
process be running (like garbage collection) to interrupt the buffer fill?
This is the most common problem with introducing clicks, but does anyone
know of any other possibilities in Squeak to look at?



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