[ANN] Chuck type inferencer

Marcel Weiher marcel at metaobject.com
Sun May 30 12:31:46 UTC 2004

On 28 May 2004, at 03:17, Tim Rowledge wrote:

> "Lex Spoon" <lex at cc.gatech.edu> wrote:
>> The major memory requirement, it turns out, is that AutoChuck is 
>> keeping
>> around parse trees for every method.  So I'm trying to eithre get rid 
>> of
>> that requirement or make the parse trees take less memory.
> It might be useful to recall one of Eliot's battle cries -
> "CompiledMethods are flattened parsetrees"

But I don't want parse-trees.  And I don't want them flattened, either 
;-)  Which would explain why I don't want CompiledMethods...


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