tracking down change sets for a class

Doug Way dway at
Sun May 1 05:43:31 UTC 2005

On Friday, April 29, 2005, at 07:53 PM, Ross Boylan wrote:

> I'm considering the best approach to migrating an image and application
> which are at 3.6.  I thought it would be useful to review relevant
> changesets, especially the pre and post code that handles migration (I
> guess such code could also be embedded in doIt's).
> I am not having much luck.  I'd like a "see all changesets with class
> X" (or see all entries relating to the class), but the closest I've
> found to that is to find a method in the class, browser versions, and 
> go
> to the changeset.  (I think I used those other, desired, functions in
> VisualWorks.  Maybe squeak doesn't have them.).
> The problem is that in some cases there is no changeset.  For example,
> between 3.6 and 3.7 ScrollPane acquired horizontal scrollbars.  But 
> even
> using a 3.7 image and looking at methods involving them (#hMargin) it
> tells me it can't find a change set.
> Earlier postings on the list indicated that sometimes the changesets 
> are
> dropped, but this is a change that's very recent, relative to 3.7 
> (i.e.,
> it first appeared in 3.7).

Yes, that's the problem... the 3.7 final release has all of the 
intermediate changesets removed (even the 3.7alpha-beta changesets), 
that's why you won't find the changeset.  If you open a changesorter, 
you'll see there are very few numbered (update-) changesets, where 
there should be at least a few hundred or so between 3.6 and 3.7.

You'll want to get an image which has these changesets available.  You 
could start with 3.6 and update to 3.7 to get them.  Or, get one of the 
images from the images_with_all_changes dir on the ftp site, which has 
all changesets going back to 3.0.  (More than you need, but it should 
work.)  Hm, I see the latest image in there is 3.7a... we should put a 
more recent one in there.

(Anyway, I have a 3.7gamma image lying around on my hard drive, and I 
just looked up the changeset for ScrollPane>>#hMargin and it is in 

- Doug

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