Question about flushing Display on Canvas

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at
Sun May 1 17:54:09 UTC 2005


I am trying to paint (draw lines) on Canvas from workspace. I use:

aDrawingForm := Form extent: 400 at 600 depth: Display depth.
aCanvas := aDrawingForm getCanvas.
aCanvas fillColor: (Color yellow).
aDrawingForm asMorph openInWorld.

This shows yeallow canvas. Then I do

aCanvas line: 10 at 10 to: 50 at 30 width: 3 color: (Color black).
aCanvas flush.

I expected the line to be shown immediately but it only happens when I either 
click on or move the Canvas. I tried "aCanvas flushDisplay" and "aCanvas 
forceToScreen: rect" but both behave the same.

Is there a way to force a refresh after drawing on Canvas? (Perhaps  I should 
not expect this to work this way and use another method for drawing from?)

Thanks Milan

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