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Below are the most recent 5 articles that were posted on Squeak People
(http://people.squeakfoundation.org/). Apart from the articles, you will
find people's diary entries there, and an overview of the Squeak community:
who is doing what, people's "standing", etcetera. If you don't have an
account, please join - we're interested in getting to know you better!

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   Date: 2005-04-10 15:53:45
   Author: lexspoon
   Title: Debian's Constitution

   How can a thousand developers, without being paid, each pursuing their
   own interests, funnel their energy into creating a system that is
   coherent, that stays malleable, and that provides useful compute power
   to tens of thousands of users? How can we assemble Squeak images that
   Just Work for our users? How can we provide a library of packages
   which load and work the first time, no matter the version of Squeak?

   It's a tough question with no simple answer. Our first try won't be
   perfect, and instead we should expect to grow the organization over
   time. But it's never too soon to start. This article kicks off the
   discussion by looking at a famous existing bazaar, [1]the Debian
   project. As a timely coincidence, they are just wrapping up their
   [2]2005 election for project leader.

   Date: 2005-02-20 21:46:55
   Author: lexspoon
   Title: Squeak as a Commons

   Before we can organize Squeak, we must answer: "What is Squeak?" This
   article defines Squeak as a commons where many individual projects
   collaborate. The article sketches some of the subgroups using Squeak,
   and proposes an organizational structure based around giving
   representation to all of these subgroups.

   Date: 2005-01-27 15:49:25
   Author: gokr
   Title: Taming the translation beast!

   Now - I have just started figuring out how to translate my [3]Homepage
   Builder application to english and of course ended up digging into the
   translation stuff. This is a short (well, kinda) report on what I
   found, how to use what we have, and what I think we need to fix.

   Date: 2005-01-10 04:23:15
   Author: elvislives
   Title: squeak logo lookalike


   Date: 2004-12-30 16:37:02
   Author: jj
   Title: Boosting Squeak: RockSolid images

   I have read the "rant" and "unrant" subject with a mix of uneasiness
   (embarrassment) and fear. The "Rant" thread began on the 15th of
   december 2004, and produced a lot of discussion. I will not summarize
   the thread, because a lot of people read it. Instead, I will go
   forward and try to find a pragmatic and constructive of helping the
   community (and yes, I am also very bold and handosome :) <<
   ironic comment).


   1. http://www.debian.org/
   2. http://www.nl.debian.org/vote/2005/vote_001
   3. http://www.bluefish.se/english/hemsidebyggaren.html

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