Monticello and image bloat

Tim Rowledge tim at
Mon May 2 23:55:56 UTC 2005

Chris Muller <chris at> wrote:

> I've been experiencing gradual image-growth as I develop code, and now my
> 100-meg image has become unwieldly.  SpaceTally reports 59MB used on String
> instances!  The first few entries of
>   String allInstances asBag sortedCounts
Good grief, my image has 12Mb in 115,000 Strings (so add another 460kb for
headers) in a 26Mb image, like this....
6453->'' 5985->'Lo' 2496->'So' 1351->'Ll' 1186->'Lu' 899->'Sm' 731->' 3/22/2005
17:27' 518->'Mn' 386->' 11/3/2004 20:50' 371->'<historical>' 303->' ' 250->'Nd'
242->'No' 195->'Po' 172->')' 163->'tpr' 161->'avi' 131->'Cf' 130->'nil' 125-
>'Mc' 114->'ar 11/24/1998 22:18' 108->'1' 108->'hasHeaderFile
	"If there is a single intrinsic header file to be associated with the
plugin, here is where you want to flag"

Which seems very silly. Simply replacing the strings that are developer
initials with a single symbol of the same chars would save a bunch of memory.

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