Deriving TcpService.

François THIMON thimof at
Wed May 4 13:26:48 UTC 2005

as I've been told here, I tried to derive the TcpService class of the
KomServices package but I still get message errors. It seems that the
pvtBindings methods always return null, I don't know why.
The only method I had to redefine was serve:, I did this but it doesn't work.

(TcpService on:1024) start. does work but replacing TcpService by my server
class's name messes it all up. Can someone help please?

By the way, do you know how i can close all the port that got open each time I
tried? Closing squaek can do nothing to help but for now I have to increment
the port number each time and this is quite pain in the neck.
Thanks in advance.

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