[Fwd: asked for ISP donations?]

Marcus Denker denker at iam.unibe.ch
Wed May 4 14:46:42 UTC 2005

Am 04.05.2005 um 15:47 schrieb Lex Spoon:

> And yet, exactly this has happened in the past.
> You act like it is excrutiatingly hard to talk to our own people.  I
> find there actually is a lot of possibility if I chat people up and let
> them know what is going on.  Big organizations have some incentives to
> help us if you approach them politely and creatively.  They all like to
> be seen as benefactors to the world, and a few of them actually have
> vested interests in Squeak.
> But it depends on what you want.  There is an existing Squeak 
> community,
> and if you want to be a leader in it, then surely you need to establish
> some connections with the existing crowd.  Alternatively, maybe it 
> would
> suit your personalities better to start a new thing, do everything
> exactly how you like to do it, and then try to get people to switch
> over?  It would be like the Stable Squeak project, only this time for
> real!  There's good and bad with each choice.  Just please don't cause
> friction by calling it squeakfoundation.org yet not wanting to work 
> with
> the existing community.

I don't understand you. So you are saying that I am destroying the 
Squeak community
by defending the position to have a better server?

The existing provider of the service that is squeakfoundation.org has 
decided that
he can't do it. That's why we have that virtual box allready. So what 
do you propose?
Shut that down and go begging for a box with root access? How is that 
more community
than having a community owned box?

Maybe I should stop wasting my time with this.


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