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Ken Causey ken at
Thu May 5 19:51:18 UTC 2005

Simon is well aware of that as you probably would have realized if you
had looked at the page he has built to gather information about the
various and sundry Squeak related mailing lists.

To clarify we were discussing specifically the mailing lists whose
primary (if not sole) function is to facilitates communication among the
members of the various teams ( ).
In my mind these lists serve a slightly difference purpose than your
average list.  Although I agree that the communication should be public
that is not the same as 'publicizing' the lists.  Also I for one
consider joining a team list as at least a notice of intention of
participating in the teams activities.


On Thu, 2005-05-05 at 15:45 -0400, Dean_Swan at Mitel.COM wrote:
> This list (i.e. sqeuak-dev at is already on
> gmane, and has been for going on 3 years or so now. 
>         -Dean 
> Simon Michael
> <simon at> 
> Sent by:
> squeak-dev-bounces at 
> 05/05/2005 02:31 PM 
> Please respond to The
> general-purpose Squeak
> developers list 
>         To:
>  squeak-dev at 
>         cc:         
>         Subject:
>  lists on gmane, call
> for input
> is a non-profit service which mirrors mailing lists as 
> newsgroups with an excellent user interface. I posted 
> a while back with the goal of making 
> better use of this for the Squeak community.
> Not all squeak lists belong on gmane, but IMHO any with public
> archives 
> containing useful content do, if someone cares enough to request it,
> and 
> that it's not necessary to clear this with every list owner first.
> I'm 
> posting this short discussion from #squeak with Ken's permission to 
> explain further, raise awareness and give people another chance to
> opine 
> against it for particular lists. Feedback welcome.
> kencausey: So if you want to push for that, join the team.
> sm: I have not the patience for another list right now.. that's not
> your 
> fault
> kencausey: I'm not sure what you mean, the list traffic is very minor.
> sm: I'll request it be added to gmane, as a step in that directino
> kencausey: I think there have been 3 or 4 messages in the last week at
> most.
> kencausey: Even though it's a public list, I don't think it really
> needs 
> to be publicized outside of the Squeak community.
> sm: subscribing/unsubscribing to lists is too much overhead for
> things 
> I'm not involved in daily
> kencausey: Also it is probably not a permanent list.
> sm: dropping in and out of a newsgroup is a much  lower bar
> kencausey: Sending one email is too much overhead?
> kencausey: Well, OK, two emails (confirm).
> sm: managing folders, filter rules, etc etc
> kencausey: whatever
> sm: I think a -website list is a fairly permanent thing, so adding to 
> gmane makes sense
> sm: don't you think ?
> kencausey: I don't automatically agree no, but I'm not on the team so
> I 
> can't really know.
> sm: I see
> kencausey: I think it would only be polite though to discuss it with
> the 
> team before you add their list to gmane.
> kencausey: I for one would not like it for the two teams I manage.
> sm: I hear you
> sm: politeness is good, but..
> sm: when there's 30+ squeak lists and new ones popping up.. and their 
> archives are public.. and the list owner sees gmane's subscribe 
> request.. and somebody wants to help out without a time-consuming
> back 
> and forth between moderator and gmane
> sm: I think it's fine to just request it
> sm: I did publicise my intent and the
> page 
> on the main list
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