lists on gmane, call for input

Simon Michael simon at
Thu May 5 20:18:04 UTC 2005

Dean wrote:
 >>This list (i.e. sqeuak-dev at is already on
 >>gmane, and has been for going on 3 years or so now.

Ken wrote:
> Simon is well aware of that as you probably would have realized if you

Ouch. :) Yes, I know it. Handy isn't it ? I use it to read and post here.

On a related issue, the squeakland list has also been on gmane for some 
time, but as far as I know no messages are flowing yet. Perhaps the 
squeakland owner refused gmane's subscribe request way back when ?
If this worked, it would be a nice alternative for the recent thread 
discussing whether squeakland needs to revive its forums - gmane has a 
nice blog-style interface which might be interesting to those folks.


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