Squeak Licence

Marcus Denker denker at iam.unibe.ch
Fri May 6 11:30:47 UTC 2005

Am 06.05.2005 um 13:02 schrieb Cees De Groot:

> On 5/6/05, Lothar Schenk <lothar.schenk at gmx.de> wrote:
>> Unfortunately, the letter doesn't allow the spirit to count.
> The spirit always takes precedence in case there's a conflict. Some
> people are just too fond of reading legal texts and toying with words,
> and they start to miss that. Apparently, this conference's committee
> is filled with such people.
> I pity them. There's a Real World out there where exiting stuff
> happens, and they let themselves be bound in a straightjacket of stuff
> that's made up, for pete's sake, by lawyers.

If the text of the license is not important, then why don't we just
drop it? Why do we let our customers worry about this?

  If the decision to ignore the wording of the license is so 
as you claim, why don't we do this trivial decicion and put our
action where out mouth is? If we can't do that without a problem, then
surely our customers can't ignore the wording, either.


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