How to change the squeak licence ?

Cees De Groot cdegroot at
Fri May 6 15:54:44 UTC 2005

Alexandre, please read the archives before re-opening this thread. It
should come up in March every year, so you are two months late ;-P

Anyway, it looks like VRI has nailed this problem, that's why I
suggest moving to the Croquet codebase. Seems to me the shortest road
to a license that all the beancounting wankers out there will
appreciate (not that I really care, I just use Squeak, I don't write
legal essays about it... ;-)).

On 5/6/05, Alexandre Bergel <bergel at> wrote:
> The squeak licence is a problem:
>   - We cannot present Squeak at RMLL
>   - Squeak cannot be distributed with most of the linux.
> We need to change it for a MIT one.
> What need to be done ?
> >From the Welcome to... in Squeak:
> Copyright (c) 1996 Apple Computer, Inc.
> Copyright (c) 1997-2001 Walt Disney Company, and/or
> Copyrighted works of other contributors.
> All rights reserved.
> anyone knows the responsibles at Apple and Disney that have to be contacted?
> Cheers,
> Alexandre
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