Closing a port.

e4ward 4d8nfbcdu5 at
Fri May 6 18:03:31 UTC 2005

Not enough information (but i assume you are using TcpService, in that
case check out Server>>#stop).

But I wanted to point out another way to manage change in your image.
After a coding session, simply quit without saving. When you come back
in, go to changes > recently logged changes, select the changes since
the last snapshot. Filter the window to just the new classes and last
versions of changed/new methods, and file them in, and THEN save the

With this approach you can be selective about which side-effects you
want to burn into your image (eg code) and which ones you might not
(eg socket opens and other effects). You can always start from a known
state each time and not have to worry about breaking your image or
having to clean it up no matter how big a 'mess' you make in a given
coding/testing session.

- Alan R.

On 5/6/05, François THIMON
<thimof**4d8nfbcdu5**7A0*7yz8*3 at>
> Hi.
> I've opened ports with squeak (1024 through 1031) but I can't close them.
> Killing squeak does close all the ports but reopening it also opens them back.
> I supposed the problem came from my saving the image before closing the ports,
> since I wanted to keep my code intact. But now let's assume I really would like
> to keep the same image file, then I can I really close the ports even when I
> open squeak?
> Thanks in advance.

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