Closing a port.

François THIMON thimof at
Fri May 6 18:26:05 UTC 2005

Hi, thanks for helping

> Not enough information (but i assume you are using TcpService, in that
> case check out Server>>#stop).

I'm using TcpService but the stop method has done nothing for me. It simply runs
without saying anything. The netstat command still indicates me all the port are
still listening. I'm gonna retry but it's kinda weird.

> But I wanted to point out another way to manage change in your image.
> After a coding session, simply quit without saving. When you come back
> in, go to changes > recently logged changes, select the changes since
> the last snapshot. Filter the window to just the new classes and last
> versions of changed/new methods, and file them in, and THEN save the
> image.

> With this approach you can be selective about which side-effects you
> want to burn into your image (eg code) and which ones you might not
> (eg socket opens and other effects). You can always start from a known
> state each time and not have to worry about breaking your image or
> having to clean it up no matter how big a 'mess' you make in a given
> coding/testing session.

Yeaah, it seems to close my ports.

I think it's gonna be alright.
Thank you.

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