202 obsolete behaviors in 3.8gamma

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Sat May 7 11:37:07 UTC 2005

Hi brent

I'm not sure but in VW it is advised to do

	i become: String new    and not i become: nil

The point explained to me was that  else you will have a lot of pointer 
pointing to nil while you would prefer to have them pointing on fresh 
objects that will be garbagecollected.

I do not know if this makes sense at all. Since lot of pointers are 
already pointing to nil
and gc may treat nil differently.


On 7 mai 05, at 13:25, Brent Pinkney wrote:

> Hi,
> There are
> 	Smalltalk obsoleteBehaviors size = 202
> in 3.8gamm.
> Most seem to refer to the multilingualization.
> The wiki recommends something like:
> 	Smalltalk obsoleteClasses do: [ :c |
> 		c allInstancesDo: [ :i | i becomeForward: nil ].
> 		c becomeForward: nil ].
> 	Smalltalk garbageCollect.
> This does indeed get rid of the obsolete classes.
> Can any one comment whether this is a) safe b) whehter there is a 
> policy of removing obsolete classes in gamma/final images ?
> Thanks
> Brent

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