Squeak 3.7 : Fails to load SqueakMap Package Loader

Damien Cassou damien.cassou at laposte.net
Sat May 7 17:43:30 UTC 2005

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stéphane ducasse a écrit :
> Hi bert
> Damien is a cool guy starting to learn Squeak in an hostile place :) I
> do not think that he wanted to insult people.

Thanks, but I am not defensible. Sorry, Squeak guys are good guys :-)

> Even if his tone was not the right one ;).

I agree

> Anyway thanks for answering his questions because I could not. I got now
> a PC on my desktop so I should install soon a linux distro (gloops).
> What is the best distro to run squeak on it?

I'm runing Debian Sid and, with the good Squeak VM version, it works
with no problem.

> Damien let us know if this is working.

It works now

> Once you feel that you get a bit
> more control of squeak (monticello (read the pdf available on my
> smalltalk lectures), changeset, unit tests, sender, implementors), then
> let us know because you could start to play with SmallWiki 2. Since this
> is on SW2 that you will work when you will arrive at Berne.

I know, but I think I have to try Seaside with a small project (I'm
trying to implement a Yatzee) before starting work with SmallWiki.

I do not think I will be able to start working on SmallWiki before I
come to Berne. Nevertheless, I will bring my computer with me and I will
be able to work on evenings and on week-ends.

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