Set a files timestamp or copy a file with identical date

Tim Rowledge tim at
Sun May 8 15:37:43 UTC 2005

Herbert König <herbertkoenig at> wrote:

> Hello Squeakers,
> for synchronising of file directories I need to copy files without
> changing the date and time of creation and modification.
The nearest you are likely to get to this at the moment is to make use of the
FileCopyPlugin I hacked up for the use of VMMaker where I needed files copied
fast without messing up type/date/access setting.

It's horrible, unclean, tacky but it works reliably and is implemented on all
platforms but Windwos - which ought top be utterly trivial to fix if you care.

For usage, scan the VMMaker code for VMMaker>primitiveCopyFileNamed:to: for
example. The capability ought to be incorporated properly into a decent file
name/stream/directory framework but we don't have one of thos.

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