Too annoyed with Zope: a Squeak alternative?

Lukas Renggli renggli at
Mon May 9 14:55:29 UTC 2005

> Any idea when a final version will be released?  (half expecting an
> answer of "when it's done" :-)  )

Well, you are basically right. What is needed is a save persistency
and a fully integrated security layer.

> Will it be possible to migrate data from these pre-alpha preview images
> to the final version?

This is certainly possible, as one can see on This
Wiki has now been running for over two years, without crashing even
once. It was installed when I had the first working model, actually at
least half a year before SmallWiki 1 was release and while I was still
doing heavy refactorings. It was sometimes required to manually fixed
some instances  after loading new code, but it basically just works.
This is the same for SmallWiki 2.

If you start to use SmallWiki 2 keep in mind that ...
- there is no permission framework implemented, right now everybody
can do everything.
- there is no built in persistency and versioning, of course you might
just save your image.
- the model and the class-interfaces might still change.

> From SmallWiki 1 to the final version?

I am sure somebody is going to write a visitor walking over a
SmallWiki 1 instance and producing a SmallWiki 2 model. Actually this
should be dead simple, as the basic structure is still the same, just
the object model is different.


Lukas Renggli

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