Must we care about changing the squeak licence ? (was Re: How to change the squeak licence ?)

Samir Saidani saidani at
Mon May 9 14:56:02 UTC 2005


This thread is relatively recurrent, and I'm not sure that we address
this issue in a relevant way... If a gathering about freedom demands
some requirements, for sure these has nothing to do with freedom : for
me, demands and constraints are the negation of freedom. In our
non-free human society, full of constraints, lawyers, licences, we
tackle the problem of freedom through the notions we could have about
freedom, but the image is not the thing. And even the so-called free
software movement has more and more ideas of freedom, the "so-called"
licences. So for me, the relevant question is what is freedom, and not
which licences to choose. The common implicit hypothesis, a prejudice
in fact, is that we think that we know what is freedom, but a non-free
mind can only have an image of freedom, and its activities will
reflect this contradictory state of mind.

So for the moment, I'm using Squeak, because this is really
interesting both for education and research, and if one day, people
become really angry and agressive because I shared that with children
from "forbidden" country, I will stop and switch to or design another
tool : the most important for man is not really Squeak, but to
discover a way to live in a real collaborative manner.


Alexandre Bergel <bergel at> writes:

> The squeak licence is a problem:
>   - We cannot present Squeak at RMLL
>   - Squeak cannot be distributed with most of the linux.
> We need to change it for a MIT one.
> What need to be done ?
>>From the Welcome to... in Squeak:
> Copyright (c) 1996 Apple Computer, Inc.
> Copyright (c) 1997-2001 Walt Disney Company, and/or
> Copyrighted works of other contributors.
> All rights reserved.
> anyone knows the responsibles at Apple and Disney that have to be contacted?
> Cheers,
> Alexandre
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