Set a files timestamp or copy a file with identical date

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Wed May 11 00:53:21 UTC 2005

>>I don't know about VMMaker being all that simple.  The bit about not 
>>actually cleaning out the build tree before VMMaker generates the new C 
>>sources on a Windoze machine is quite a problem, and God help you if you 
>>inadvertently have an older version of the platform specific (i.e. 
>>Windows) stuff in there that doesn't match up with your current version of 
> Ah, well that's something to take up with Andreas. He was very definite about
> wanting it that way. FWIW none of the other platforms do it. I've always
> thought it a Very Odd Thing but then I use RISC OS so who am I to talk?

The only thing I was definitive about is the fact that I always hated 
(and still do) the idea to look for files in too many different places, 


It's just too much for my simple mind to deal with ;-)

   - Andreas

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