How to change the squeak licence ?

Lothar Schenk lothar.schenk at
Wed May 11 12:18:06 UTC 2005

Andreas Raab wrote:

> > And that's what's distributed with every Squeak and Croquet package, no?
> > So, isn't it reasonable to ask where you can find Exhibit A, and more
> > generally the Squeak-L, in the license for the Croquet package, for
> > example?
> Exactly where you would find it in the 3.6 image/download upon which the
> Jasmine image was built. 

My question was, where it is in the license for the Croquet package, not where 
it is in the package.

If I understand you correctly, it is not in the Croquet license because 
Croquet is an entity separate from Squeak, and the Croquet license only and 
exclusively applies to this entity, not to Squeak.

However, when one downloads Croquet from the website, one gets an 
all-inclusive package, Croquet bundled with Squeak, and it is left to the 
'unsuspecting Joe-Doe-user' when he unwraps the thing to find out that he 
actually downloaded two different packages with two different licenses.  

Okay, just let me raise my eyebrows here and leave it at that.


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