the Difficulty of using squeak

Patrick Mauritz oxygene at
Wed May 11 21:40:05 UTC 2005

Am Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2005 23:24 schrieb Avi Bryant:
> Out of curiosity, and also because I wish that the above weren't true:
> are these sentiments mostly related to Morphic development, or to
> using Squeak in general?  Ross seems to be  talking specifically about
squeak mostly has issues with having thousands of classes by default that 
you'll never need - that's pretty distracting when trying to figure out if 
you can reuse something.
but that's part of the squeak splitting effort, right? (btw, what's the status 
on that?)

if you assume that you'll never leave the Seaside-* categories (and "ansi" 
classes - the standard stuff), it might be easier, too..

patrick mauritz

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