Shell or system call with a MAC

Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at
Thu May 12 10:28:36 UTC 2005

>> Similar to this (with Python in 10.3)?:
> No idea Javier, I try it.
> Thanks for share.

I copy from readme


>>Based in Apple's SimpleService is a little service which call Python from the
Service Menu:

>>€ "Call Python" service, which takes a string, call Python and returns the

So, here could have the half way, that is calling Squeak from everywhere ?

When I testing GraphVViz as external app for John Pierce

/Users/admin/Public/SqueakDevelop/dot/Connectors -Tplain-ext -o
/Users/admin/Public/SqueakDevelop/dot/Connectors Demo.plain-ext'

Here you are using one external app sending appropiate string command

What if you could

 >>>CocoaDialog is run directly from the commandline by executing the binary
>>>file within the .app bundle. The path to it will be
  >>>If CocoaDialog is in your ~/Applications directory,  for example, the
>>>executable will be:

>From CocoaDialog page

Thanks again Javier and John

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