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Thu May 12 17:49:32 UTC 2005

Actually on any image save as the mac stamps the image and change files  
with the type and creator information.

The save as embedded under os-9.x (or earlier) did lot's of voodoo to  
embed the image file as part of the application.
Actually we would create a new cfrg type of FAST and add that to the  
existing 68K and PPC parts which are the binaries for
68K and powerpc. This then gave you a single file that contained the VM  
and the image.

I can't say I've used or tested that for years, someone might try and  
see if it still works.  Under os-x it's a bit easier, I
believe if you stuff the Squeak.image in the resource folder within the  
application bundle that is one of the places that
the VM looks for the image at startup time.

On May 12, 2005, at 10:37 AM, Tim Rowledge wrote:

> Bert Freudenberg <bert at> wrote:
>> Nothing, it just does not work. Nobody used this in ages (I'm not
>> even sure this ever worked).
> The only difference right now between 'embedded' or not is that 'not'  
> makes the
> vm type-stamp the image on platforms where type-stamping has any  
> meaning. On
> Macs it sets the type and creator fields, on RISC OS it sets the  
> filetype and
> on anything else it does nothing but hopefully does it very fast.
> Although it doesn't seem connected at all (at first) there is also the
> 'sqImageFileStartLocation' function/macro (depending on the platform)  
> which in
> the case of the Mac looks to see if the filename given for the image  
> is that of
> an already extant file that happens to be a plausible VM. If it is,  
> the Mac
> resource voodoo is invoked to add the image file to the VM and assorted
> chickens are sacrificed to make it all happen.  I couldn't spot any  
> evidence of
> similar code for the other platforms.
> tim
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