[Squeakland] Training on E-Toys and E-toys/I2C support (for robotics...)

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Fri May 13 07:48:04 UTC 2005


you should contact m.rueger or yoshiki since I remember at esug last 
year they show how people
linked a heat sensor to etoy.

> It seems that there is more and more teachers interested by squeak and
> E-toys, and we organized a training on Squeak and E-Toys for teachers
> few weeks ago. So I'm very interested if you have some materials to
> use, I'm especially interested on posters (with sources for
> translation !), relevant .pr showing interesting aspects on E-toys,
> and sharing problems or ways to address such trainings.
> I have also two questions :
> 1. We are working now on a way to use E-Toys to control sensors and
>    motors and hence enlarge the possibility offered by E-toys : I
>    think about robotics, domotics, computer-assisted
>    experimentation... We have already tested robotics with children
>    during holiday's camp using LOGO and we are planning to test the
>    new SqueakBot platform providing the necessary I2C support for this
>    kind of stuff this summer (available on SqueakSource).

  if squeak Bot is my stuff, count on me to help.

> Anyone
>    interested on a collaboration ? I remember that there was a weather
>    station done on Squeak, so do you know if this is available
>    somewhere ?

Contact dan or ned for that
> 2. Is there a way to create directories in SqueakLand project server,
>    for instance I would like to create a french-speaking directory to
>    allow french-speaking teachers and children sharing their
>    projects. (Unfortunately learning foreign languages is a problem in
>    this country, and this could be an hindrance for children... and
>    teachers !)

Samir I could also do a french version of BotsInc.

> Oh, yes, I played a little with E-toys, and do a little game inspired
> by Dance Dance Revolution, look at Rabbit.pr attached here. I have a
> problem with playing a mp3 sound during the game, it hangs sometimes
> and changing the priority of the player doesn't work... Ideas ? Last
> thing, this project is placed under DDR Licence (Dance Dance Rabbit
> Licence), not sure that this is compatible with Squeak-L because of
> the exportation law - DDR Licence demands that you don't export this
> project to countries where foxes are living ;-) Euh, I am in doubt, is
> there ever any foxes in earth ?
> Regards,
> Samir
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