Smalltalk in the marketplace

Noury Bouraqadi bouraqadi at
Fri May 13 08:39:50 UTC 2005

Dear Smalltalker,

For the next ESUG buisness conference, I'm seeking potential speakers  
about commercial/marketing and strategic issues related to Smalltalk.  

Remember that the conference is open for all Smalltalk dialects  
(VisualWorks, Squeak, Dolphin, Smalltalk/X, ...)

Here are some topics I'm willing to hear about.
-What are the niches occupied?
-What is the strategy adopted by Smalltalk companies?
-Success stories...
-Licence issues (Commercial vs. free)
-How to develop the Smalltalk market?

Of course this list is far from being exhaustive.

Dr. Noury Bouraqadi - Enseignant/Chercheur
Ecole des Mines de Douai - Dept. G.I.P

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