the Difficulty of using squeak

John H Woods gmane.squeak at
Fri May 13 21:48:39 UTC 2005

Avi Bryant <avi.bryant <at>> writes:

> Out of curiosity, and also because I wish that the above weren't true:
> are these sentiments mostly related to Morphic development, or to
> using Squeak in general?  Ross seems to be  talking specifically about
> Morphic, and by contrast my experience with training people to do web
> development in Squeak has been fairly positive (once they get over the
> idiosyncracies of the look and feel).  But that may have to do with
> getting one-on-one training more than anything else.

Avi, you may be right, it's difficult to learn things from scratch without a 
bit of a basic how to from a friend, colleague or teacher.

It's Morphic that's frustrating me at the moment.  On the Windoze platform at 
least, you can resize a workspace window to such a small size that the bottom 
scroll bar pokes out of the bottom of the window.  

I thought this ugliness would be easy to fix.  But I can't even work out how 
to ensure a Morph doesn't shrink to less than a certain minimum extent.  When 
I create a Morph class of my own, I can't stop it from being shrinkable to 
nothing, even though I can see some Morphs don't do this.  And I can't even 
see what methods are exercised when you drag the yellow halo button.  It's not 
so much that I want the answers to these particular questions, but that I seem 
to be making no progress to sorting them out myself.  My previous experience 
in VW was that when I was being thick, I could at least get closer to a 
solution in a stepwise fashion --- I knew I'd get to the bottom of it 
eventually.  In Morphic, I feel I'm not even able to start.

... John

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