GeeMail in 3.7

mds reifiedmind at
Fri May 13 22:56:09 UTC 2005

Dear All,

Exploring and experimenting with Squeak as a cross/multi-media authoring
environment, I've been thinking about implementing something akin to StorySpace
for mapping out and exploring non-linear and discontinous prose, associations,

In the course of sketching ideas, I encountered the -GeeMail morphs, which
hadn't been explored before today.

If possible, I'd like to pose a few brief questions:

(1) Is GeeMail still being mantained and used, or has it been

I ask this as there seems to be very little by way of Swiki documentation and
th demonstration projects seem to date from 2003 (Richard's). Perhaps not long,
but long enough to raise the question.

(2) Some of the Squeakland documentation looks like it may have been composed
using GeeMail;

(for example,

--- is this the case?

(3) Tinkering with GeeMail, I encountered the text cursor invisibility problem,
as reported last year: 

The problems are being encountered in a full 3.7 image, so it seems the fixes
weren't committed to final. If this is the case, perhaps they should be
addressed for 3.8?

Andreas' proposed fix (from Aug 19 '04, cited above) worked for me - though of
course no *extensive* testing has been undertaken.

Thanks for the time;
Cheers for now,

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