E-toy: Player class in the Big Classes Top 10

Samir Saidani saidani at info.unicaen.fr
Fri May 13 22:34:43 UTC 2005


I'm playing with E-toys these days, looking how can I add my own
categories, when I discovered that adding categories is quite weird :
you first have to add an appropriate additionsToViewerCategories then
have to play with the Player class and add all the methods you want to
use in E-toys scripts. So I had expected something more distributed,
for instance, add etoy support to your own morph and that's all but it
seems that there is a design problem here.

So when you execute :

Object allSubclassesDo: [ :class | ((class methodDictionary size) >
210) ifTrue: [ Transcript show: 'class : ', class asString ,'  nb of
methods: ', class methodDictionary size asString ; cr]]

Morph  nb of methods: 1084
Interpreter  nb of methods: 519
Player  nb of methods: 493

PasteUpMorph  nb of methods: 438
Preferences class  nb of methods: 371
WonderlandActor  nb of methods: 322
ParagraphEditor  nb of methods: 287
BalloonEngineBase  nb of methods: 278
SyntaxMorph  nb of methods: 251
Form  nb of methods: 212

With no surprise, you'll notice the famous Morph class, champion of
the Squeak World, and as expected, Player is on the podium too...  So
do you know if there is any effort to re-think the E-toy design ?


Samir SAIDANI				
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