ByteArray notation

David Mitchell dmitchell4 at
Sun May 15 03:21:32 UTC 2005

Colin Putney wrote:

> astares at wrote:
>> Hi,
>> is there a reason why Squeak does not support ByteArrays in the 
>> bracket notation #[1 2 3] which is accepted by other Smalltalks like 
>> VisualWorks, ST/MT, ... ?
>> Is it a bug or a missing feature of the compiler? Did it ever work in 
>> Squeak?
> As far as I know this is a missing feature of the parser, which has 
> never been supported in Squeak.
> Colin
At the first Camp Smalltalk, we changed the parser to accept this
notation to support some of the test cases for SRP. Chris Grindstaff
suggested the change as a learning experience for me and Rob Withers.
Ended up being a couple lines of code. But, by the end of the day, the
simplest thing that could possibly work was to change the test case code
for SRP (we didn't know how to get changes into the base image).

Should be an easy change for a real Squeak expert.

(Not sure if SRP still exists, but here's a pointer:

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