Where to next with Exupery?

Russell Penney russell.penney at tincanct.com
Sun May 15 06:38:42 UTC 2005

> Ogg people, does Ogg use integers or floats?

Floats. There is an integer version called Tremor for embedded processors
but I haven't had time to port it yet. Well actually after porting the
floating point version I was over it! It is in my to-do list at about 100th

What Ogg does is really basic signal processing (I think, I ported it but I
don't claim to understand it) and tends to work on arrays. One of the steps
I remember is to take an array, read various parts of the array, manipulate
the values somehow and write back to another part of the array.
I would assume something like that would already be in the tests.


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