Printing morph to a Postscript file

Anders Conradi beque at
Sun May 15 21:18:16 UTC 2005


I ran into some problems when I tried to print a morph to a postscript 
Since integers are byteEncoded with a $ written before every digit and 
since the postscript canvas didn't override that choice the resulting 
postscript file was broken. I changed Integer>>byteEncode:base: to only 
write the digits and no extra $ signs and now postscript printing 
works. I am, however, slightly uneasy since there is a test that tests 
to make sure that integers are byteEncoded with a $ before every digit.

I don't understand how this is supposed to work, and would really like 
to know. I think it makes more sense to byteEncode integer the same way 
as floats are byteEncoded.

Could anyone tell me how this is supposed to work?

// Anders

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