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Mon May 16 14:14:53 UTC 2005


Thanks for the reference, most interesting.

The reason for my interest in the GeeMail morph is primarily its ability to
combine authored text with columnar formatting and embedded contexts. The
Hypercard paradigm isn't quite what I'd envisaged for my system (inchoate as it
may be at this stage) - my thinking is more in terms of a web of nodes, mapped
graphically, rather than a stack-based implementation.

So far, I'm basing the functionality around a SystemWindow (which I've
subclassed as HyperWindow) with an extended (i.e., subclassed)
PluggableTextMorph. I've generated a situation whereby you can type as normal
within the PTM, but hitting a special key hooks (that is, adds a TextLink
attribute on) the most recently typed word into either a new instance of
HyperWindow or an existing one, depending on selection. 

Each HyperWindow is aware of its callers and callees, so there's a two way link
dynamic. Ned's Connectors are being used to display graphically the
relationships between currently open windows. PasteUpMorph has also been
overridden so that you can create a project in which every gesture is related
to authoring.

This is all working quite nicely, though it's an ongoing and fluid experiment,
so there aren't any specs on paper to follow ... just playing an modifying.
Perhaps you can see why I have an interest in GeeMail now ... if we could type
and insert other graphics / morphs with ease in conjunction with this linking
functionality, this is a pretty convenient and accessible way of authoring
linked hyper/multi-media documents.

So - thanks again for the MiStack reference, I shall be keeping an eye out for
further developments.

Cheers for now,

"Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene" wrote:

> Maybe you wish check this work in progress.
> See for one old description.
> Do not load any of this as is outdated,
> How to use new stuff:
> Load first Network-HTML-md.4.mcz from SqueakMap, then fileIn the cs.
> contains some "MiStacks" for you
> try.
> Do MiStack new in a Workspace.
> Works in 3.6,3.7, 3.8 and should load between different versions.
> Let me now any problem .
> Edgar

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