Wonderland, Croquet, and the Queen of Hearts

David A. Smith davidasmith at bellsouth.net
Mon May 16 14:40:08 UTC 2005

I plan on a design tool for Croquet and have done a simple prototype. 
Check out my blog at:

<http://croqueteer.blogspot.com/> and start at; "Wicket and Things to 
Come" and read by scrolling up.

Also check out the paper we wrote about filters and tasks which should 
be appearing on the CroquetProject here soon 

We probably won't be calling it Wicket however. Mark Bolas pointed out 
that Wicket should be the name of a Wiki implemented in Croquet. Hence, 
I need a new name.

The next release of Croquet is going to be called "Hedgehog" by the way.


Jon Hylands wrote:

>On Sat, 14 May 2005 07:43:14 -0700 (PDT), David Faught
><dave_faught at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>Just trying to create content for Croquet is a challenge, and it is
>>often necessary to resort to outside tools.  One (of several) of the
>>coolest things about Wonderland is the Pooh drawing, which is a port of
>>Takeo Igarashi's Teddy program.  If you have never tried this, you're
>>missing out on some big fun!  It is simple to use and quite powerful.
>Something the people on the Croquet side should check out is the content
>creation tools in SecondLife (www.secondlife.,com)
>The 3D world has a built-in, in-world 3D modeler, and it is extremely
>functional and usable. It uses a limited form of constructive solid
>geometry, but the general editing concepts are applicable to any type of
>The 3D editor I wrote for the game Descent back in the mid-90's (in
>Smalltalk, of course -- http://www.huv.com/smalltalk/desedit.html) used the
>same kind of 3D perspective view only editing, with a camera that could
>freely move around while constraining movement of objects to 1 or 2 axes.
>Being able to create dynamic content in-world is one of the coolest
>features of SL...
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