Wonderland, Croquet, and the Queen of Hearts

Joshua Gargus schwa at fastmail.us
Mon May 16 14:56:04 UTC 2005

David A. Smith wrote:

> I plan on a design tool for Croquet and have done a simple prototype. 
> Check out my blog at:
> <http://croqueteer.blogspot.com/> and start at; "Wicket and Things to 
> Come" and read by scrolling up.
> Also check out the paper we wrote about filters and tasks which should 
> be appearing on the CroquetProject here soon 
> :<http://www.croquetproject.org/About_Croquet/whitepapers.html>
> We probably won't be calling it Wicket however. Mark Bolas pointed out 
> that Wicket should be the name of a Wiki implemented in Croquet. 
> Hence, I need a new name.

Sculptor?  Or are you looking for a name that doesn't directly evoke the 
tool's use?


> The next release of Croquet is going to be called "Hedgehog" by the way.
> David

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