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Tue May 17 13:16:28 UTC 2005

Hi Edgar,

> I try GeeMail before and could see of your description what sure is better
> as ScrollableField what I using.

I can't quite see the advantages of a ScrollableField re: my requirements; from
what I gather, its AKO PluggableTextMorph (+model), which I'm using pretty
adequately already in my HyperWindows.

What is required (and interject here if I'm missing something crucial) is a
nice way to integrate media other than text in a scrolling field (I'm thinking
here of using a ScrollPane to view AKO Morph that alters its extent depending
on content supplied, content of course being anything morphic). Obviously, I
can put in the work to do so - chaining text morphs that are split by
ImageMorphs etc - though was hoping that GeeMail would provide such
functionality in advance!

> And Stacks could be combined in any fashion you like.

Indeed - I'm not disputing the power of the HyperCard paradigm, just noting
that the Stack model doesn't quite equate with my mental model of a dynamically
mapped authoring environment. See my attached .png for a hint at what I'm
experimenting with / getting at. As I mentioned before: merely tinkering and
testing, nothing concrete down yet.

Note too that the observable text links are created inline; that is, I've
mapped $` to the link menu (from which you select either a new or existing
node). This means that you can be focused on content manipulation and generate
subnodes with ease, maintaining the same locus of attention (to use a bit of
Raskin terminology) throughout.

> Relations between could be visual as in LogicCircus (see gif) with no need
> of Connectors.

Thanks for the image. Connectors, though, seem pretty pliable, flexible ... and
look great. At the moment, I'm using them in a pretty ghastly and hacked way.
However, if I integrate support for remapping link nodes when connectors are
dragged and dropped onto a different window, the metaphor will be powerful
indeed. That is, graphically relinking documents in the web by manipulating
their arrows.

> If you wish, share unfinished code , as all mine is alpha.

Sounds like a great idea. I'll post something soon when the ideas are slightly
more concretised, the functionality slightly less buggy, and the classes
concerned considerably hoovered ;-)

Cheers for now,

PS - Just to keep sight of my original question, I'll pop in a refresher: is
GeeMailMorph being used and/or maintained, or has it fallen between the cracks?

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