GeeMail in 3.7

mds reifiedmind at
Wed May 18 12:17:43 UTC 2005

Edgar, Lex;

Thanks for the response.

Edgar: The issue wasn't one of broken functionality - I was simply asking
whether GeeMail was being used actively (no puns intended). The impression
received from its history (Bob Arning discontinuing work, &c) and the
relatively low amount of discussion/mention/information given to it had
suggested that it might be obsolete.

This wasn't helped by the seeming lack of integration of that bug fix mentioned
before (re: cursor display); again suggesting that not a lot of attention is
given to this component. BTW - No one's mentioned this cursor display issue: is
it still considered a bug? (cf.,

Thanks for the reply, Lex - very handy to know that you're employing GeeMail at
the moment; definitely a reason to investigate its potential further.

Cheers for now,

> > I am in the middle of using it for a tiny active essay.  So there are at
> > least two of us that are interested.  :)  So far it seems to be working
> > fine; the only nit I ran into was that the text column starts out being
> > too narrow and I had to increase it in size.
> I try on 3.8 and do not see problem, so Marc what is not working for you ?
> Edgar

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