[Q] Is 3.8 really final ?

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Thu May 19 04:52:44 UTC 2005


> I could solve loading problems by simple doing AbstractString := String, so
> this issue is solved. (Could be a simpler one , easy to add to
> image).

  But, let's fix the package...

> I send mail about this.

  Yes.  I saw it afterwards.  Thanks!

> But remains problems with SVI what I can't solve.
> >From documentation , could be a Mac specific problem.
> And what about 500 + packages what exist today ?
> All works ?

  Probably not.  But, the problem was the early adaptors; I'd suspect
that majority of packages weren't not tyring to follow the old string

  Still, we need to check these packages and update if necessary.

-- Yoshiki

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