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Trygve Reenskaug trygver at
Thu May 19 08:15:33 UTC 2005

Good news, Stef! I have been looking for a path into Squeak for my 
grandson, and here it is!?

I browsed to 'botsinc' and guessed you wanted me to go to 'download' & 
'ReadyPC'. Also to 'Installation. 'Installation under Windows' tells me 
that I should find ''. I found ''??

I should end up with *four* files; the detailed spec names five (what I 
found in parathesis):
Squeak (Squeak.exe -OK)
SqueakFFIPrims.dll (not found)
Ready.changes (OK)
SqueakV3.sources (OK)
Ready (Ready.image - OK)

So the .dll was missing, and there were three additional files:

I started the image, it looked OK. Any specific tests you want done?

(I would prefer to test against the book. My grandson lives more than 500 
km away, so I can't tutor him and he will have to rely on the book)


At 20:52 18.05.2005, you wrote:
>Hi guys
>My book will be release soon so I would like to know if some of you can 
>have a look at my wiki
>download the zip and try them on their machines. This would really be 
>great and help me.
>I will fix the menubar soon...


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