goran.krampe at bluefish.se goran.krampe at bluefish.se
Thu May 19 14:11:11 UTC 2005


=?iso-8859-1?b?RnJhbudvaXM=?= THIMON <thimof at iutc3.unicaen.fr> wrote:
> I have downloaded the 1.0 version of KomServices (taken from the home page, on
> squeaklab.org).

No, no, don't use that. :) Use SqueakMap instead. open->SqueakMap
Package Loader. Find KomServices, install it. The webpage for it is here
and as you can see the 1.1.1 is the latest:


> The weird stuff in this is that it used to work some days ago, and now there is
> a problem. But how comes I had never been asked the KomPackageInfo class
> before?

Not sure, but 1.0 is packaged as a SAR using old mechanisms that doesn't
work properly with the new SqueakMap etc. So use 1.1.1 instead, which is
a clean and simple Monticello package.

regards, Göran

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