How to change the squeak licence ?

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at
Thu May 19 16:42:49 UTC 2005

This issue is discussed periodically, so a little searching through the
archives would avoid endless rehashes of the same arguments (this
comment is about this thread, not the message I am replying to).

"Intent of the Squeak License" by Alan Kay

"ask for APSL? for real this time?" by Cees de Groot

And many, many more. There are also several swiki pages.

About the "I am not a lawyer" bit, I would just like to mention that in
practice I can never find a lawyer who is familiar with the kind of
issues I have to deal with. So in practice I always have to figure
everything out myself and then just pay a real lawyer or accountant to
sign whatever papers I can't legally do so myself.

-- Jecel

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