OT - streaming video in Windows

Ned Konz ned at squeakland.org
Thu May 19 19:56:05 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 10 May 2005 9:15 am, Jon Hylands wrote:
> A friend is building an ROV, and he needs to stream video from it over the
> internet (for remote operation).
> The code at both ends (the ROV controller and the GUI) is VisualAge, but
> I'm hoping some people on this list can help.
> He would ideally like to interface VA directly to VFW for this at both
> ends, but we're not sure how to get the streaming part working (on both
> ends), so I thought I would post here before starting a more exhaustive
> search.
> Does anyone have any pointers? We're looking for something hopefully simple
> to hook to. I looked at a few of the open source video streaming projects,
> but they seem hopelessly complex in terms of API.
> My friend was able to get a simple VFW control embedded in a VA window in a
> matter of hours, for the version that controls the ROV directly. It would
> be nice if there was a similarily simple way to accomplish streaming.

You may want to look at the VideoLAN project; they have streaming servers, 
etc. that may be able to be worked with (for instance, over a pipe, or via an 
API, or just by hacking the code a bit).


They're also a great source for players that do DVD and streaming audio (for 
Mac and Windows, especially) that are untroubled by attempts at DRM.

Ned Konz

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