Box1 Administration Team Report (was Re: Teams progress?)

Ken Causey ken at
Fri May 20 15:44:06 UTC 2005

The primary task of the Box1 team is simply to keep things going with
the services hosted on  All and all since the
last report there is little to comment on regarding that.

There has been some discussion about going ahead and and getting a
dedicated server (box2) and Cees is in charge of that one and I'm sure
will let us know when there is some movement on that front.

I opened up the box-admins at list to
submission from non-subscribers so that anyone that has an issue with a
service hosted on box1 can report it to that address.


On Fri, 2005-05-20 at 09:23 -0400, Brent Vukmer wrote:
> I was looking around on earlier today,
> trying to catch up on the various teams' status. Would the various
> team leads have time to write up a quick summary of  where the team
> is?  Am I being a pain in the neck? :)
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