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Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at
Sat May 21 02:12:20 UTC 2005

Stef, this is my "report"


1) Windows 2000, Service Pack 4:

First I did not read instructions:

	- uninstalled any Squeak from system
	- downloaded
	- unziped to c:\temp\stefsbots
	- double clicked on C:\temp\stefsbots\ReadyPC\squeak.exe
	- the above action opened the "bot system", looks good
	- clicked on the yellow "Bot" and typed "go: 100" - error .. ok i realized it 
is a class
	- clicked on the Blue Bot and typed "go: 100" - worked :)

Then I read instructions, a few notes:

	- the names (e.g. the filename) are somewhat different than in 
docs on the website. You may want to name it "" or similar.
	- dropping the image on executable works nicely, i never tried that with 
squeak, but then i don't use windows much.

A few Notes:

	- i am not completely sure running fullscreen does not confuse beginners on 
windows because it hides the "Start" toolbar.
	- you may want to add some text on the system: "to quit (or to do anything), 
right-click anywhere on the system window..."
	- i asked my kids and they said they don't know what WinZip is, and that they 
do not think they have it in school. Maybe that is an indication it would 
make sense to wrap your zip as installable file to increase the available 
audience ...
		- in fact i tried one Windows installer: (i am not associated with them in any 
way :) ) 
		- you can use their zip2exe feature - it takes a while, but it creates 
ReadyPC-yyyyy.exe that can be "installed" simply by double-clicking at it and 
it is smaller - i tried it. No WinZip required.
		- with some playing around, there is probably a way to make an executable 
that installs an icon for Bots on your desktop. Let me know if you'd need 
2) SuSE 8.2, I do have VM 3.8 installed

	- using KDE
	- used the same
	- un-arked to $HOME/squeak/botinc
	- created desktop icon named Bots, properties==>"cd 
$HOME/squeak/botinc/ReadyPC;squeak Ready.image"
		- starts up, works as well :)

It's really nice, we played a bit (my girls and i) with your Bots a probably 2 
years ago .. but now they are teenagers  so I could not make them play :( and 
there's little time right now, as they are leaving in 2 weeks for the summer 
so i will have more time then, if you need someone to play with it in more 
detail and report, let me know...

Later Milan

On May 18, 2005 02:52 pm, stéphane ducasse wrote:
> Hi guys
> My book will be release soon so I would like to know if some of you can
> have a look at my wiki
> download the zip and try them on their machines. This would really be
> great and help me.
> I will fix the menubar soon...
> Stef

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