fileing back in

Guenther Schmidt at
Sun May 22 09:40:21 UTC 2005

Dear Stef,

I certainly am, which Smalltalker (newbies and experts alike) wouldn't be. ;-)

I've mainly been using Dolphin Smalltalk, but as I had to go back doing Webapps (in Seaside), there really where only 2 choices, VW and Squeak.

I find the tools in Squeak (System Browser and such) a bit hard getting used to, and finding my way around in Squeak also a bit hard, but I guess in a little while I'll figure out the peculiarities of this environment.


PS. I also appreciate your contribution to the documentation of Seaside.

stéphane ducasse wrote:
> I guess that you are also aware of my nice collection of free online  
> books and columns (read the SUnit one because we need more tests)
> -
> -
> Stef

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