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Sun May 22 16:07:50 UTC 2005


I have been working on a new package model for Squeak. The implementation comes with a browser based on OmniBrowser. This last version is quite usuable. I use it for all the squeak projects I have. The webpage (containing a screenshot) is

If you are interested in having a better package unit, or in modularization issues, then you can contribute by giving me feedbacks.

A new package system coming with a new package browser intended to substitute PackageInfo and the old package browser.

Once loaded, execute "Package bootstrap". This is necessary to built some packages from the classes present in the system.

One does not need to rely on naming convention such as "*mypackage" to define class extension for instance. Moreover, operation like renaming can be performed.
More info on:

2-What is new in the last version
Some new features were added to version 28:
-When a package is stored, the old monticello naming convensions are used. This means that you can manage your application with the MonticelloPackageBrowser without risking loosing track for people who does not use this new browser.
-Faster rendering, especially for the class extension.
-Better menu arrangement. 
-Some bug are fixed (e.g., browsing metaclasses of extended classes, ...)


Alexandre Bergel

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